Kari Wang

Kari Wang, lives in Kolbotn, outside Oslo. She is educated at Westerdals – Oslo School of arts, Communication and Technology and has worked several years as Art Director and graphic designer.
In addition, she has taken various painting courses at Nydalen School of Art and Nordstrand School of Art. Since 2010 she has been a full-time painter in her own studio at Kolbotn, Norway

“- Most of the subjects I paint have eyes. I love to start with simple charcoal strokes which ends up with three- dimensional shapes looking at me from the easel. The expression is extremely important. At that moment when the eyes are placed, I’ve got a new friend!»

She expresses herself figuratively. The images give the impression of speed and movement. The characters are the centerpiece of the room – what happens in the space around is not so important”.

In the year 2014, she started with the theme “Folklore”, inspired by Norwegian folk costumes. These are time-consuming and detailed paintings. During this process “The Happy goats” appeared. The purpose of the goats is to elicit a smile. Feedback tells that they do.