Mixed Media

Cheryl Rose Rudd

Cheryl Rudd Is a Berlin-based collage artist originally from the UK, she moved to Berlin in 2014 driven by love and the need for change. As a consequence of Berlin’s unique creative environment and the want to express, Cheryl discovered the art of collage and identified with it immediately. Hoarding, recycling & deconstructing often overlooked …

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Moritz Jäger

Moritz’s works predominantly with oil colors on canvas. In his current work, he uses different layers overlapping in one painting. For example, geometric patterns are imposed on realistic motives such as portraits or landscapes. The basic motive is painted in a realistic style, but through the imposition of another pattern, the motive becomes abstracted in …

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Felo Odriozola

Felo Odriozola (Montevideo 1983-) more known as ”El Felo” is an Uruguayan digital artist and painter who lives and works in Valencia, Spain.His uniquely-styled portraits are a visual explosion of colors and planes, fracturing recognizable features into stunning abstract art that almost appears to fly off the 2D surface of his work.El Felo’s deliberate obfuscation …

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Lou Patrou

Born in Rochester New York in the mid 1950’s, Lou Patrou is a self-taught artist.Patrou has been drawing and painting faces and figures since the 1960s. Patrou’s work is sometimes difficult to categorize because he doesn’t always use the same artistic language, repeat the same disciplines or follow a straight direction with his work. Some …

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Known for his compelling juxtapositions of opposites reflecting an underlying thematic preoccupation with ecocentrism and its inherent correlation to advanced human potential, Metrov’s paintings, sculpture, and films reside in collections worldwide.“My mission is to leave a legacy of historically important art.” MetrovBorn in East Los Angeles, Metrov began his professional life in New York City in …

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Lori Horowitz

Lori Horowitz’s artwork is a study of personalities and environments and my images digest the posture of individuals while faces reflect their stories. Often going unseen and unheard, we all contribute and make up this diverse and multi-faceted population.  These strangers are subjects in her continuing series of mixed media life-sized theatrical characterizations.  Horowitz appreciates …

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Toribio Riqcartdon

Free Thinker. Visual Artist graduated from the Faculty of Arts, Universidad de Los Andes, Venezuela, RIQCARTDON (Born April 4, 1975) has stood out for his continuous study and mastery of expression and Visual knowledge through painting, sculpture, and your creativity now operates with the New Media Art (video-art). The concept of his work has been …

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Solarium Art

Solarium Art is a Brazilian artist studying visual arts. He is inspired by artists like Saccstry, Junji I, and pastel colors. He likes making digital paintings and drawing with nanquin. Instagram

Leticia Polaco

I think, cut, join, disarm and fragment. I rearm, compose, and create. I make collages in which I build life stories. I elaborate my own and others, I work from found images that I place on paper to tell small stories with deep meanings. Many of these stories are about split women, fragmented, marked by …

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