Open Call

Open Calls are a great opportunity in the art world, they allow artists and curators to connect and show each other their work, even if they don’t share anyone in their close network or are in the same continent, it’s a genuine way to connect.

With this in mind, we are happy to present the Azucar open call, for upcoming editions of our magazine, as well as exhibition opportunities.

How to apply?

1 – Have a look at the work we’ve done with Azucar so far

Analyze if your work is a good fit. We love sharing the work of up-and-coming artists with fun and colorful work. Have a look at our previous exhibitions to see some of the artists we’ve shown so far. Also, have a look at our Instagram and browse through our online Gallery. If you like what you see and feel like “my art would look amazing here!”. If you are unsure, you can always reach out directly to our head-curator and dm him some art.

2. Prepare your files

Make sure you have quality pictures of your work, straight, clear and clean images that can showcase your art. Take these pictures on a plain white surface or wall, to make sure there are no distractions from your art. Name these files correctly with your name, year, size and artwork name. Write a bio, in english and 3rd person, answering the questions Who? What? Why? Where? About your art practice, try to keep it straight to the point, and up to 500 characters in a .txt file. Put all these files into a cloud service such as google drive or dropbox and make sure to make the folder public.

3. Complete the submission form

With the aforementioned material, complete our submission form with some basic info and you’ll get an automated email to submit the rest of your information as well as a link to your artworks. We’ll review each entry over a period of 4 weeks and inform you about publication possibilities.


4. In case of selections

You’ll be contacted directly by one of our representatives to set up dates for publication and further exhibition opportunities. We publish magazines bi-monthly so we’ll know within a couple of months in advance when your art will be published.

5. If you don’t get selected

Don’t worry about that, there is only so many artists we can publish in the magazine, with that in mind we created our artist-incubator: ARTIST STOP BEING POOR a community of artists across the globe, aiming to empower artists and grow their careers, artists from the incubator regularly “graduate” into becoming artists represented by Azucar.