Rosie Conheady

Rosie is originally from the bohemian city of Brighton in England. She is a freelance illustrator who has just moved to Berlin. She loves to use colour and create paintings that feel cosy and happy. Her work is very much inspired by her travels to help her work have more character and vibrancy. She works …

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Jose Higuera

Jose Higuera, a Spanish realist painter, was born in 1966. Since an early age he showed a defined interest in drawing and painting, being this a tendency noticed by his school teachers.  Encouraged by his teachers and his family, Jose was provided of the needed material to pursue his artistic talent resulting in the fact …

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Anais Lera

Anais is a freelance artist and illustrator living and working in Brussels, Belgium.  Inspired by textures, shapes, colors and materials of nature she captures, traces, stylizes and develops an unique vocabulary of plants, animals and mineral. She creates intricate luxuriant colorful compositions, formed from the accumulation of meticulously detailed individual elements. Each piece is an …

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Sébastien Notre

Sébastien Notre is a french artist based in Milan, after short womenswear studies at Central St Martins, he realized that painting was the only thing that deeply interest him. His work is based on themes such as sex, loneliness, animals, interiors, 70 s .. He paints on different supports such as canvas, leather , wood …

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Siv Storoy

Born in Northern-Norway, with her background in Illustration, painting and graphic design from Oslo and Milan, Siv Storøy has done projects within visual Identity & communication, logo design, embellishment, hand-drawn and digital illustration for magazines, brochures, articles, books, adverts and a range of other areas. In this showcase, she uses a mixed media technique consisting …

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Pierre-Paul Pariseau

Pierre-Paul Pariseau is an artist and illustrator working for a wide range of international clients. He exhibits his personal work regularly, internationally. Evoking currents of surrealism and pop art, the creative work of Pariseau invites us into a world of images where everything is possible. From his fusion of collage and digital medium; from his …

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Anke Schollen

Anke Schollen was born in Belgium in 1997. She attended the Art-school PIKOH in Hasselt where she studied audiovisual arts. She makes paintings, illustrations, photography and sculptures. She is currently studying at UCLL to become an art teacher. Website Instagram Facebook

Mayro Toyo

Mayro Toyo started his Visual Arts career early at 6 years old. In 2011, he travelled to Buenos Aires, Argentina, to continue and expand his searching in Visual Arts. In 2014, he also travelled to São Paulo, Brazil to meet personally artists who helped him focus himself on Visual Arts and inspired him. Four months …

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Sebastian Aasland

Young designer and illustrator from the Western coast of Norway. Creates art across various mediums, but mostly works with vector art. Drawing inspiration from everything from comic books to web design to technology the art varies wildly. Never being complacent is an important part of my career as well as in the art I create. …

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Ray Noland

Ray Noland (b. 1972, Chicago, IL) lives and works in Berlin, Germany since 2012. He is an artist and designer formally working under the alias CRO. Noland has a BFA from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago (BFA 1995) and has worked as art director for Scion & URB Magazines. His clients include, Ogilvy …

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