Corina Lopez De Sousa

Corina Lopez De Sousa, Born in Maracaibo – Venezuela, 1988. She began in art matters in the year 1995 by writing inspired of journalist work of her mother. In 1998 she began studies in drawing and painting as a means of expression and relief of his imaginary world. She graduated as a psychologist at the University Rafael Urdaneta (URU) in 2009 and a year later she finished his studies in psychoanalysis Lacanian with a work entitled “Lo Real en el Amor/The Real in Love.” In 2011 she returned to art through photography, graduating in the Academia Strobo Cultura Fotográfica after initiating a documentary and social project entitled “NO + MIEDO”. During 2013 she works as an assistant to the professional photographer Beto Frangieh. This practice gave her accuracy and professionalism in her technique and esthetics by Producing “Nosotros los normales / We the Normals “, portraits that make an inspiration to generate a social critique and psychological labels by breaking the pre-established schemes. In 2014 she began her formal career as a dancer in the Zulia Jazz Ballet and in 2015 was joined the first company of this academy. A time later she founded CLD Studio and was invited to exhibit at the Lía Bermúdez Museum in Novelis con FIAM with her series “Lo Real, lo Simbolico y lo Imaginario (RSI). ” In 2016, a scholarship is awarded in Yoga Therapy for children, creating a project entitled “Danza, corazón y Esencia / Dance, heart and essence” that fuses body, dance, psychology, and art. The Same year she creates a documentary photography titled: “Yo no nací sin causa/ I was not born without cause”… Those photos make a sensitivity towards the beings forgotten by the disease on older ages. Later that year she was selected for a scholarship in an entrepreneurship and marketing training for photographers called “La lanzadera” at the Too Many Flash school in Madrid – Spain. Actually, Madrid is the place where she currently lives on. Now she´s developing on a new stage of her most avant-garde career by rediscovering herself in Actions that cause a thinking feeling, that awakens the 5 senses of the public.