Wanda Fraga Sánchez

Wanda Fraga Sánchez de la Campa was born in 1994 in the city of Santa Clara (Cuba). Daughter of a single mother and an immigrant father, from small step most of their time alone without constant contact with other children; which made art occupy much of his childhood and was his company. From the time she was a little girl, she accumulated a great number of prizes, astonishing both her teachers and those who came to her work (especially poetic) for her profound vision of life at such a young age.

In 2010 he began his studies at the Professional Academy of Arts’s Leopoldo Romañach" which he leaves in 2013. After leaving the Academy of Arts, Wanda works on his own to develop his artistic work. In the same year, the artist presents her first personal exhibition. In 2014 at the request of his teachers he returns to the Academy again and graduates. In this new period that Wanda spent in the institution, it becomes notorious the seriousness that has acquired her work, beyond the naivety of a young art student, her work has evolved towards a more complex work.

Wanda has rediscovered himself, making definitive contact with his own interiority, which is evident in his work. The loneliness and the feeling of abandonment that has been constant in his life are clearly reflected in his work, where man is always contrasted with the social environment as if it were a fragmented reality.
Fragments of memories, people, situations and objects that have determined her as a person are now presented in her work, alluding to them with the responsibility of sharing them, perhaps seeking to restore that bond that Wanda never felt to have with the world. So her work dialogues obsessively about her experiences of childhood, what she has seen and experienced as a girl, now a woman and human being.

From the pain of living on an island surrounded by water, which surrounds but separates at the same time, from growing into a country that is a college, from cultures to races and influences. Wanda Fraga Sánchez then began to explore in her work the visuality of Bad Painting, Minimal Art, the poster, as well as the presuppositions of Conceptual Art; in search of a technique that is better suited to the emotions it is trying to communicate; solving then, that the college is his best starting point. Being his best ally to present us his life, which in the end is the true support where his art is developed.