I was born in La Cumbre, Cordoba, Argentina. There’s where I learned how to look closely to things and people. At the age of 15, I took my first picture, a self-portrait. It was like taking a deep breath for the very first time. I lived and studied for a year in France, as part of the AFS cultural exchange program. Oh la la.
I moved to Buenos Aires and started Combined Arts studies at the University of Buenos Aires. I completed Creative Photography studies at Andy Goldstein School. I took photography workshops with Matias Altbach, a documentary film workshop with Nele Wohlatz, audiovisual postproduction workshops with Ivo Aichenbaum and then with Alvaro Dominguez, and a writing workshop with Julia Gonzalez. I was part of the production team for animation films and the post-production team for fiction films. I’m just an ordinary 90’s girl, with an old soul who thinks and looks through the lens in black and white. I find things on the outside that answer questions of my inner search.

Every place, every trip, is a new project. It implies taking a first look to many things, with that charm that all first things carry within. New York, Buenos Aires, Paysandu, Colonia de Sacramento, France, Greece, Italy, and La Cumbre again. Something that has always fascinated me from making portraits is to get the other person to allow himself to be vulnerable in front of my camera, who lets me see his most unseen side, challenging each other. It is a coalition between that one that stares and that one that is being stared; it’s like telling each other a secret with the eyes. It’s disturbing and beautiful at the same time; provocation in a portrait. Self-portraits are my most genuine way of showing myself in front of a camera. These are pictures that flirt between reality and imagination, as a meeting point between Buenos Aires and a parallel world.