Young Heart, Young Art

Patrick Dale Carrillo, a Manila-based freelance illustrator, started to fall in love with drawing at a young age. Now, at 23, he is just as passionate as he’s ever been.
Question: Tell us something about yourself.
Patrick Dale: I’m a freelance illustrator, still exploring and learning a lot about art. I draw for The Philippine Star Supreme, a national weekly publication.

Patrick Dale: I really love to draw even when I was still young. Sketching my favorite animé and cartoon characters has inspired me to become an artist. Then I started buying my own ‘How-to-draw’ magazines and some art books, and watching shows related to art.
Growing up, I had participated in several contests—from poster-making and mural painting competitions to editorial cartooning. It was difficult the first time. I couldn’t even win the third place. But with practice and determination, I eventually qualified for regionals, and sometimes nationals, if lucky.
My passion for the art has taken me to many places and introduced me to new people who are just as in love with it. After high school, I would go to exhibits and local museums. Around this time last year, I was referred by a friend to illustrate for a national broadsheet. That was huge for me. It was definitely a dream come true. I still can’t believe it! So far, I’ve done more or less 30 illustrations for them.

Question: What’s the best part of drawing for The Philippine Star?
Patrick Dale: Aside from seeing my work on a page of a national broadsheet, drawing for The Philippine Star has given me the opportunity to meet celebrities and work with a couple of amazing people in the print industry. Being involved in a recognized circulation is a great honor to promote my own art and make new connections. And as I need to read articles to be able to draw what they need, it has helped me to become more aware of what is really going on in our country and other parts of the world.

Question: Aside from art, what other things are you also passionate about?
Patrick Dale: I really love listening to music. I can’t usually draw without playing my favorite albums. I get scared to draw a line when I hear nothing. Music calms me. I listen to some diva classics from Mariah Carey to Whitney Houston; and pop songs by Lady Gaga, Beyoncé, Lana Del Rey, etc. I also watch movies and television series and play video games like League of Legends and Final Fantasy series. I use some of the characters there as inspirations or influences.

Question: I noticed you have a fascination for buildings. Why is that?
Patrick Dale: I was an Architecture undergrad. I liked architecture at first, but as time went by, I realized it wasn’t really for me. But being able to draw helped me come up with better plans and perspectives. And to be fair, architecture helped me understand space, realistic sizes, how to sketch a nice landscape freehand, being accurate., etc. because Architecture is all about creativity and accuracy. Everything must be perfect as much as possible. And I sometimes incorporate design philosophies and planning when I make art. Architecture requires concepts, planning, research, and more, before execution that’s why its process is helpful.

Question: What’s your creative process like? Why did you choose this medium?
Patrick Dale: Say I was required to do an illustration for an article. First I allot time to read and understand what it really is about. As an illustrator, you should research so you can comprehend what your topic is. This way, you will find it easier to interpret and deliver it through illustration or art. Second, I make a rough draft, some working ideas, and send them to our editors. Once they approve it, I finalize my sketches. I always use pencil and ink because I’m so comfortable with it. And it allows me to save more time. Especially when I’m given a really limited time. I sometimes use some watercolors and editing apps to enhance my works.
Question: What makes your art unique?
Patrick Dale: I think some of my pieces are about my life experience. I sometimes draw the highlights of my day, like what made me happy and where I was. I love live sketching, too. I remember there were times when I had no phone so I would just sketch everything in front of me. When I’m alone, instead of wasting time, I tend to just make art.

Question: Where can we find your art?
Patrick Dale: I post my works on all of my social media accounts. I have a Behance and an Instagram (@patrickdalecarrillo) account exclusively for my artworks so I can have an accessible online portfolio. My Twitter account (@madkidinside) is where I post my works in progress, sketches, portraits and illustrations.
Question: What’s one tip you can give to artists who are just starting out?
Patrick Dale: Always practice and study. Being good at art is different from knowing how to make art. That’s why we should never stop exploring and experimenting. Art is a very powerful way of self-expression. And expressing yourself will definitely make your art unique and sincere.
Contributed by Kristoffer Canimo. He is a 26-year-old Content and Outreach Manager currently based in Manila, Philippines. He starts and ends his day with a cup of coffee. He’s currently in love with Raymond Carver, Sydney painters, and the Oxford comma.