Origami Animals Created Using Murals

British artist Annatomix paints geometric, origami-inspired animals onto everyday materials from building walls to discarded paper bags. The Birmingham-based self-taught painter creates different animal illustrations depending on the size of her surface. Peregrine falcons and foxes feature on bigger backgrounds, whereas rabbits and bumblebees adorn the smaller ‘palettes’. Crafted using acrylic and spray paint, pastels, graphite and ink, Annatomix’s creatures perfectly blend into the environments they are created in whilst suggesting an outlandish world out of the ordinary setting.
Annatomix’s love for playing with the strings of reality and the imaginary derive from her lifelong passions for science, history, philosophy and religion. She says her type of art is “centred on nature of science and its connection with spirituality. I am using sacred geometry as the starting point to explore a broad range of themes that include; the creation of the universe, evolution and extinction, repetition and cycles in history, the illusion of reality”. This extract was quoted from Annatomix’s website.
Her latest murals will be on display at the street art Artscape Festival in Sweden this coming week. You can check out all of her latest pieces via her Instagram page or on sale via the Annatomix website.