Pierre-Paul Pariseau

Pierre-Paul Pariseau is an artist and illustrator working for a wide range of international clients. He exhibits his personal work regularly, internationally. Evoking currents of surrealism and pop art, the creative work of Pariseau invites us into a world of images where everything is possible. From his fusion of collage and digital medium; from his visual articulation of thoughts, moods, and emotions, emanates dreamlike scenes, strange theatrical dramas while remaining intriguingly accessible. Happy coincidences, anecdotal events inspire the artist in a fantasy that translates into images made of vibrant colours, stunning juxtapositions and hypnotic reveries that are always compelling. His anthropomorphic creations seem to request storytelling but never impose one. Here the creatures are sentient beings, with emotions and personality. They are a metaphor for our behavior. The intensity of Pierre-Paul’s work confuses and attracts in a way that does not dictate something to the viewer but stimulates the imagination to explore unrestrained. An invitation to discover enigmatic mixed media images that captivate and intrigue.