Lou Patrou

Born in Rochester New York in the mid 1950’s, Lou Patrou is a self-taught artist.
Patrou has been drawing and painting faces and figures since the 1960s. Patrou’s work is sometimes difficult to categorize because he doesn’t always use the same artistic language, repeat the same disciplines or follow a straight direction with his work. Some pieces are whimsical and colorful and have a strong design sense, some are serious black & white surrealistic pieces and others pop iconic. In the 1980’s he did a lot of spontaneous works and has over time come to plan the work out more carefully and also scale up the size of the work. The one definitive thing you could say is that Patrou is obsessed with making faces and finding new ways to create designs and forms out of them and inside of them.
Patrou currently lives in the Hudson Valley New York.