Muretz Surrealism Invites You Into Another Dimension

Brazilian artist Muretz is well-renowned for his uniquely illustrative collection of street art seen around Sao Paulo. As a preview to his website, ‘the weird creations of Muretz have come to twist themselves around your retinas and pull you into their surreal universe’. This effect makes Muretz’s art so attractive to absolutely anybody who encounters it passing by. His drawings are predominantly cartoon characters walking into this other surrealist world and dimension. It creates a strong sense of humour to his work, yet dangerously lies between the playful and the cynical. His rounded characters may be struggling with their inner demons but Muretz also wants you to see it as harmless confusion.
You can check out Muretz on Instagram and a few of his prints are available here. He most recently had a show at the Montana Gallery in Barcelona, and is planning further exhibitions in the near future.