Colourful Blobby Sculptures Created By Dan Lam

Dallas-based artist Dan Lam has created unique blobby sculptures that change colour on a sparkly surface. Lam has suitably distinguished three different categories for her works; Blobs, Squishes and Drips. Predominantly made from polyurethane foam with acrylic paint and sharp appendages, the gloopy objects effectively come to life in their form. The sculptures ooze from where they lay and develop stalactite-like appendages that drip from the edges of shelves. Lam’s most recent works in the ‘Blobs’ category incorporates crystal layers and colour-changing thermal paints to be more engaging and interactive.
“My work has always elicited pretty raw reactions from people, my favourite being the desire to touch the object, to make sense of it with another sense because just seeing it doesn’t satiate the curiosity,” Lam told Blackbook Gallery in a recent interview. “I like the tension that is created in that moment.”
Lam had had her work on display with Blackbook and Guy Hepner recently. If you want to see more of her experiments, check out her Instagram page now. Most people are still left wondering exactly what these creations are and how Lam made them!