María Camila Chinchilla

María Camila was born in Bogotá, Colombia. She studied Visual Arts, with an emphasis in Graphic Expression at Javeriana University. Her work has been exhibited in Bogotá and London. She’s passionate about painting, illustration, scenography and photography.
Her work is very introspective, she is inspired by the emotional movement inside the body in relation to the reflections of daily life; in questions, answers and behaviors through existence as humans beings.
María seeks to give visibility to our sensitive intangible self in a non-literal way, through shapes, textures and color combinations.
As color is one of the main sources of inspiration in María’s work she also appreciates and interprets the color of nature and the small universes that create the landscapes.
María’s artwork is an intuitive visual language that alludes to different sensations, imaginations, and atmospheres. Therefore she uses brush strokes, smudges, contrasts, jets of paint and pastel strokes. The artists who have most influenced her work are the expressionists and the modern masters.