Artists Opportunities – February

Peer-sessions Spring 2018 / Comission Printemps 2018, La Cité Internationale des Arts

Paris, France
La Cité Internationale is the largest artist residence in the world with more than 300 studios located in the emblematic districts of Montmartre and Marais. For these reasons, La Cité is an ideal place to develop any project of any discipline (it counts on different spaces such as ateliers of serigraphy or ceramic stove) while you live with a big international community of creators. La Cité also bring their residents into contact with professionals and art scene of Paris by its relations with Parisian institutions and partnership programs.  
Deadline: 1 Mar 2018
Duration: 2 to 12 months
Application fee: € 32 and a monthly cost between € 587 and € 861
Perks: It counts on 326 ateliers to work any discipline and other spaces like an exhibition space of 525 m2 and an Auditorium of 128 seats. Apart from that, La Cité supports residents to develop projects outside its walls.



World of Co., a multidisciplinary self-directed Residency

Sofia, Bulgaria
If you are looking for a different residency, one located in a non-so-well-known capital could be a really good choice. Sofia and Bulgaria have a powerful history where wide range of cultures and traditions have converged (Thracian, Roman, Byzantine, Ottoman, Europe…). You will be able to learn traditional crafts like carpet weaving, pottery or Cyanotype and contact local artists. World of Co also encourage its residents to work and go through Bulgaria together so this residency it could be also rewarding while you meet and share with the other residents.
Deadline: Ongoing
Duration: Between 1 and 6 moths
Application fee: €350 monthly, €500 if you share the room and €650 with provided accommodation.
Perks: The residency program includes traditional craft workshops offered by local artists and craftsmen, weekly Bulgarian lessons, guided museums and gallery tour, life-drawing lessons, artist’s talk, collective exhibition at the end of the month and a weekly list of art events in Sofia.



Elmo’s House

Batan, Aklan, Phillipines
Elmo’s House is the first artist residency in this filipin region. Batan is a small seaside town that is off the tourist route and has relatively remained the same as a quiet fishing village amidst tropical beaches and the mountains. There its founder, the artist Kuh del Rosario, have created a space to research, exchange ideas, knowledge and critical thinking. In fact, her interest is in building upon the semantics of materiality and the relationship between the natural and the man-made. Not just the history and nature are what makes this residence unique, but also the Filipino art and especially visual and performance arts that have remain apart from western art.
Deadline: Ongoing
Duration: Between 1 and 2 months
Application fee: $1.200 USD monthly for international artists and $10.000 PHP for residents of the Philippines.
Perks: Fees include assistance in conducting research and sourcing materials, language translation and province guide and assistance in the studio and critiques as needed.



Art Noise Travel Residency 2018

Kenya, Tunisia, Mauritius, South Africa, Lagos
For all who are interested in African or black arts and culture, this residency program is the perfect chance to explore contemporary and traditional African art. The program is open for artists of any discipline, theorists or students and support the values of respect, diversity, individualism and social and community development. ArtNoise is a platform that wants to promote African art by events, festivals or residence programs like this one. Residents will be introduced to African art and culture through work-study relationships with artists and communities from each country visited. Artists in residence must be carried along by the experience and create art inspired by the culture and art of each country and community that will be showed in a final exhibition.
Deadline: 11 May 2018
Duration: 3 months
Application fee: $30 – $50 for application and the cost of art materials & equipment, travel to country of meeting.
Perks: The selected applicants will receive a monthly allowance of up to $2,000 depending on the project and travel allowance, insurance, safety and insurance work space and residential accommodation. All Art created during the residency will be presented in a public exhibition space in Lagos.



Signal Fire 2018 Residencies

Loowit (Mt. St. Helens), United States
Free from city distractions, Signal Fire is a remote residency and retreat on the western US wildlands that explore the crossroad of earth, culture and ecology of the difference communities. Even though it’s an immersion experience into wild landscapes and the weather is unpredictable, this program is appropriate for anyone and residents are accompanied by guides who help them to make the experience as comfortable as possible. The Signal Fire’s 2018 theme is Elemental and looks to the earth below our feet. Its location, Loowit, is not just astonishing beautiful but also has a great history since its amazing recovery from a big eruption of the mountain in 1980. For this reason, the program is also open to activists or researches of any discipline.
Deadline: 31 Mar 2018
Duration: 1-4 weeks
Application fee: Sliding scale (pay what you can) $150-300 and two full fellowships available.
Perks: Artists are provided with food, maps, and a spacious 12×12′ canvas tent that provides both work and sleep space. The tents are equipped with a desk, cot, and rug for a comfortable camping experience and guides that will make sure you have the information and equipment to keep yourself comfortable and safe.