Laurenz Coninx

Laurenz Coninx was born in 1986 in Wilrijk, Belgium. He grew up near and in Mechelen, studied visual arts at st-Lucas Brussels. After he finished art school, Laurenz focussed more on skateboarding and traveling.
 From his middle 20’s he started to draw and paint more intensively again. Coming from colorful and black & white acrylic portraits to currently bigger black & white realistic scenes, with now and than a touch of color.
Laurenz tries to capture interesting moments crossing his life and put them on canvas with all focus on searching the perfect composition and contrast between light and dark. His paintings are all based on pictures, made by himself. As for Laurenz, these pictures are a medium to capture special moments forever.
Starting from these images he tries to create and transform these intense moments based on his own feelings. He always starts from black and white, but during the process, he might add some colors depending on the moment, the memory and the feeling he gets while he’s painting.