I am a Berlin based artist from Liverpool, UK. My Education is in Graphic Design but more recently I have been working a lot with Illustration and Hand drawn Lettering.My main inspiration is 1950s and 60s Illustration, I like the minimalism and cleanness of this era and also the feeling of optimism expressed in Pop …


Michael Joyal

Michael Joyal is a child of 1980s Saturday morning cartoons and endless amounts of pop culture, spending his youth drawing winged hawk-men from Flash Gordon and scenes from science fiction movies. Michael honed his story-telling abilities through comic books and making comix zines with mid-90’s Edmonton zine scene. After graduating in 1993 with a BFA in painting from the …

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YAT is a french graffiti artist and calligrapher based in Berlin, active since 2006 and strongly influenced by the hip-hop culture. The values of peace, love, unity and having fun can often be seen through his work. He started as a classic graffiti writer developing styles to then concentrate more on characters and portraits, and …

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