Ritchelly Oliveira

Ritchelly Oliveira is a brazilian artists that specializes in surreal drawing with a very technically driven.

I begin my work in a phase where everything seems to slip through my fingers, as well as the words that time. The drawing that accompanies me from an early age, gaining strength when I realize that is for him now speak. I remember as a child to learn to ride a bicycle; dizziness relationship. with the unknown eternal are always inseparable from a path, relate to my current design process.
The bumps and anxieties are present there. But also by drawing experiment flights. Several times what I feel is the ephemeral, both in touch, look in there lived in the naive smile, speech, or a specific time marked in memory and we can not unfortunately most revive. Maybe it’s all poetic, sentimental, too emotional, however, is that cliche of love which is the basis of my speech. The bumps leave marks, some wounds leave scars and these are also witnesses of my route.
I speak of what I suspect to be love, and for believing it to be a universal feeling. I propose to say what is common to men, even though this love may bring something that is individual and particular. What I know are my lived loves, I speak of myself and what affects me. I do not have direct access to what others think or feel in their hearts, what I have are looks, gestures sometimes words only.