Vrabies Mihai

My art revolves around the world I try to create, the comprehensive vision, the brand called ‘’Towards a poetic life’’. At the core of the vision, there is a trilogy of books, two of which are done and the last one is in the making as we speak. The main premise, the core narrative that drives this concept, this world, is the realization that every person carries within them two utterly different personalities: a human, day to day one, and a double which is a hypothetical, poetic one. The first is defined by logic, by normality, by conformity while the second is defined by the most exotic, surreal and mad qualities and sensations. This dichotomy provides a constant existential rift within a persons life, and “Towards a poetic life’’ details the journey that I have been through, from finding the existence of these two sides of me, to delicately documenting the complex nature of the two, towards potentially solving the profound issues and contradictions that come from such a difficult situation. I document this in a narrative way always, in writings, in visual art, in multimedia and sculptural art, even in future large-scale performances and even future movies. Towards a poetic life’ means to travel from the human self towards the poetic self, to become what you truly are, to travel towards a poetic life is the real goal of the artist.