Victoria Leal

Victoria Joelyn Leal Gómez was born in Punta Arenas, Chile, on December 10, 1988. This self-taught illustrator and writer began to draw for the first time at the age of four, taking seriously the subject of an illustration in adolescence, when she wrote her first works and made her first exhibitions.
The main influence of her work is based on fantasy and science fiction, themes that have led her to write a series of novels, currently in the process of publication. Her visual work seeks to create peace in the observer along with showing the beauty of the soft forms of the female body.
In 2012, his first work titled Plegaria por Justicia is published in Chile, which brings us fantastic scenarios.
In 2017 is published in Spain Velzen 115, a novel of fiction that takes us to travel to other universes. The presentation ceremony of the book was accompanied by an exhibition of illustrations belonging to the story.
She is currently working on other narrative projects along with perfecting her facet of illustrator and learning to play the violin.