Victor Tricar

Victor Tricar was born in Paris in 1981. He grew up on the outskirts of Paris in a working-class neighbourhood. His childhood was the intimate stage for an imaginary world that would follow and guide him throughout his life.
Victor Tricar describes himself as an unsatisfied artist whose search for truth burns more than ever in him.  His first works are ardent and violent, like a whisper that urgently dictates to him the destiny that is to be his.
In 2007, he exhibits for the first time with three other artists in the show “Paths to the free will”. This exhibition represents the founding statement of his work.
Victor Tricar lived three years in Los Angeles devoting himself to his art.  He has been teaching art at ” Le Lycée français de Los Angeles” and exhibited at different places like the Edgmar Center for the Arts. Victor lived with his family 5 years in Panama where his art has been successfully shown in a gallery located in the historical and chic district of the capital city. Victor now lives in Luxembourg.