Slavka Kratka

Slavka Kratka (born 1961) is a professional painter. She lives and works in the Czech Republic. She studied architecture. Thanks to architecture she was close to drawing and then naturally gravitated to painting which she has been doing for many years. She creates modern compositions that are close to cubism and abstract painting. She very …

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Ariane Côté

Ariane Côté is a 28 years old Montreal artist. She completed an art history degree at Université de Montreal and now lives entirely from her art by focusing on various media, including painting, drawing and photography. For the past five years, she has been studying with one instructor in a workshop environment, and completed an …

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Damoo Daiki

I’m an interior design graduate that – occasionally – creates art & design pieces of work.I use any art mediums at my disposal to create ethereal, pastel, fluffy, and dreamy creations. By no means am I a pro, I’m self-taught. And I’m simply driven by the jealousy I feel by other artists’ beautiful art creations, and the need …

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Vaptized was born in Damascus and lives in Berlin for the past two years. He has shown his work in various exhibitions and festivals and he draws with pen all kinds of subjects. He has recently started to customize clothes, skateboards, and other materials.For more information, check out the social media. Instagram Facebook