Stefanie Manhillen

All of Stefanie Manhillen´s work is a kind of collage (two-dimensional and three-dimensional) that combines contradictory aspects, revolves around destruction and construction and is focused on expressive elements: strong colours, punchy contrasts, impressive depiction. Stefanie always works in large series and uses her own material (photo, painting, drawing, sculpture) which she combines by hand (no photoshop). Appropriate to the respective series´ topics she uses different techniques like:  do-it-yourself-installations, layer-photocollage (German: “Schichtfotos”), drawing, painting and “2,5dimensional” artwork (artwork in between the second and the third dimension).
Her motivation for creating her art is to express her fascination for the contradictory, grotesque and odd sides of life, she wants the visitors to be touched and to get involved (e.g. the do-it-yourself-installation “Life is a Salad” 2017).
Stefanie graduated at the Academy of Arts in Berlin (diploma). She got the German “Meisterschüler-Degree”, an Erasmus Scholarship in Barcelona and the Freemover Scholarship in Granada. Her artwork was exhibited in several group- and solo exhibitions, e.g. in Berlin, Frankfurt, Bonn, Den Haag. Next shows in 2018 will be in Bonn (group), Berlin (group and solo), Florence (solo) etc.