Ser Sinestésico

Ser Sinestésico is the alter ego of Rubén Farzati (Musician, Composer, and Digital Artist), born in Buenos Aires, Argentina and currently living in Berlin.
From 2008 until today, his work is based on spirituality, the universe, life, and death and is often accompanied by images and/or Latin American shamanic concepts and transcendence of mind.
His main collage series at the moment is “La Sagrametría”. The series consists of 10 artworks inspired by sacred geometry, the reflection of the human being in the universe and the spiritual emotions with which we have to live together every day.
In May 2016, the work “Secuelas” of the series “La Sagrametría”, was selected by the director and artist Vania Heymann to be used and animated in the video clip “Up & Up” by the band Coldplay, along with artworks by various international collage artists.
Towards the end of 2016, “Secuelas” was selected for the annual “Annual 2016” book by Collage Collective Co, one of the most important international collage art websites. The work “Secuelas” was featured in the book together with works of other international artists.
There are currently 5 series created by Ser Sinestésico, one of them specifically created for the production company “Astronaut Gmbh Berlin” during 2016. This series was called “Astronauts”.