Owl Sculptured Cabin Hidden In The Woods

Bordeaux-based art company Zebra3 have designed a hidden cluster of three hollow wooden owls as a two-story cabin off the French port city’s docks. The sculpture can house visiting residents and shapes up to represent the small owls that nest on the surrounding marshlands. Suitably named as The Watchers, the owls peer over the waters and have been designed to fit a series of unique buildings spread across the region. Zebra3 have designed the owls with feathery heads by using shingles and were built to encourage people to hike and explore the area. The project Les Refuges Périurbains invites guests to stay the night free of charge at these locations. It was started by Zebra3 in collaboration with Bruit du Frigo.
Candice Petrillo was Zebra3’s main designer and she says “the nod of animal eye and the curve of the object are a tribute to the sculptors François Pompon and François-Xavier Lalanne”. The two French artists were particularly in creating animal focused arts and sculptures from decades ago.
Les Refuges Périurbains’ website details information on the cabins available around Bordeaux, including this cloud-shaped lakeside home. (via Inhabitant)