Origami Pineapple Pavilion Blossoms In Berrington Hall Gardens

An origami pineapple pavilion has been installed at the National Trust’s historic site in Berrington Hall. Studio Morison’s Look! Look! Look! is currently situated inside the garden of the Georgian mansion in Herefordshire, England. Supported by Trust New Art and Arts Council England, Heather and Ivan Morison spent over a year designing the pavilion through research of the garden’s historical Georgian life to bridge the gap to its present use.
Designed with the intent to encourage its visitors to relax or picnic within the hall’s grounds, the pavilion is dusty pink with an open rooftop and has four openings that surround the structure’s sides. The colour is inspired from a traditional Georgian palette, which can be found inside the hall itself. The pineapple shape of the pavilion is based on a previous origami project from Studio Morison. Via assistance from structural engineers, the two artists bring the timber work to life. A metal frame sits at its core, while the outside is covered in a strong pink fabric that is resilient to weather conditions all year round.
As well as the origami pavilion, Studio Morison also currently exhibit several sculptural pieces of furniture inside Berrington Hall. These mainly consist of small geometric stools that resemble the shape of the sculpture to which they are enclosed.
Look! Look! Look! will remain on view to the public until December 2019 . During this lengthy period, the National Trust expect to host a series of activities and events inside the pavilion.  (via NOTCOT, urdesign)