Open calls for artists – January

COLLIDE International Award

Geneva, Switzerland and Liverpool, U.K.  
This is the third edition of a singular and interesting collaboration between CERN (European Centre of Nuclear Research) and FACT (Foundation for Art and Creative Technology), since offers the unique opportunity to work as a resident in CERN. The program is open to artists of any nationality or age and it’s a competition of proposals inspired by CERN’s science. The artist award winner will develop his project interacting with CERN’s community such as scientists and academics and with FACT’s curators. Therefore, proposals must involve technology, scientific media, particle physics, research methodologies or institutional visions engaging with contemporary culture and other angles like ethical or political.

Deadline: February 15, 2018
Duration: 3 months (two months at CERC followed by one month at FACT)
Application fee: None
Perks: the award includes a grant of 15,000 Swiss Francs for the research and development of the proposal, a monthly stipend while at CERN and travel costs and accommodation.


Anima Casa Rural

San Isidro Mazatepec, Mexico
Located in rural Mexico, this residency has a strong philosophy of permaculture and sustainable living that involve all its art activity. Now ANIMA has an ongoing research and exhibition platform for queer and transgender artists who examine spatial politics through film, video, performance and sound work. What makes this residency program unique is its propose to break the idea of fully-formed urban queer subject to think and rethink queer aesthetics and modes of making in the rural space as our place of origin that remain vividly inside us. Despite it’s a thematic program, the residency outlines an open and self-directed program that encourage residents to bring new positions and ways of work to put it together.

Deadline: 16 Mar 2018
Duration: 2 weeks
Application fee: None but at a cost of $800 USD
Perks: Short artist talks and conversations about key ideas in queer spatial politics. Working together with the other residents.


Yaqoot Residency

Qazvin, Iran
Yaqoot Residency is a one-of-a kind opportunity for those who are interested in Persian culture and history. Residents work and expose in a historical building located in downtown area and come into contact with artists and contemporary culture of the city. Besides, all residents exhibit their work in the Yaqoot Gallery where they can make them know to international audiences such as artists, art residency centrers’ manager or museum owners. An important feature of Yaqoot Residency is that they open their door to emerging artists without regard certifications or qualifications, they look for enthusiasts and offer them the chance of growing in artistic and recognition way.

Deadline: 15 Ma 2018
Duration: 1 month
Application fee: Full Package fee is 1600€ and Usual Package fee is 900€
Perks: Exhibition at the end of the residency period and small group talks with local artists and related artists.


Three Shadows Photography Art Centre

Beijing, China
Founded by the contemporary photographers RongRong and Inri, Three Shadows Photography is not just a photography studio but an art space where to research, expose, teach and learn in its workshops and seminars and create new collaborations and projects. As a matter of fact, this residency program is open to researches, curators and artists working other media as well. For all these reasons, Three Shadows has a leading position in the art and photography context in China. Residents will have the chance to know first-hand Chinese contemporary art and design a unique plan for their stay.

Deadline: Ongoing
Duration: one to three months
Costs: 2,650 RMB per week, 3,780 RMB or 3,780 depending on the type of the living quarter.
Perks: Customized individual support and help to obtain support collaborations with organizations based in Beijing and to promote your work in China.



Cusco, Perú and Puebla and Oaxaca, Mexico
Arquetopia is a Mexican foundation that promotes development, social transformation and productivity through artistic, cultural and alternative educational programs. Its residency programs, located in the cities of Cusco, Puebla and Peru, push artists to ask and think about exoticism, colonialism and social awareness. They have ongoing open calls for different programs like a writers residency in Oaxaca and Cusco and art, design or photography production residency for artists who work with or are inspired by techniques or processes that are specific to Mexico and/or Peru. What have these programs in common is that they are self-directed programs, want to promote emerging or mid-career artist’s work and they are interested in cultural encounters in its local and international community.

Deadline: 11 February 2018
Duration: 3 to 12 weeks
Application fee: Tax-deductible donation of 35$ USD (possible fee reduction)
Perks: Competitive professional opportunities for emerging or mid-career artists and writers age 22 and over.