OPEN CALL – It's My Pleasure

Sexuality is self-determination. Yet, the free expression of sexuality in all its facets, even in a society that defines itself as liberal, is not necessarily reality. Taboos are ubiquitous. Our society with its established values, religious customs, traditions, and educational system defines the rules of the so called sexual ‘normal’ and, in doing so, creates what is seen as the ‘abnormal’.
Our views and behaviour are shaped and influenced by the societal value system we grow up in. Especially living in a cosmopolitan city like Berlin, we consider ourselves enlightened. Still, talking openly about one’s own pleasure can be quite tough sometimes. Only through questioning our sexual socialization, we begin to shed light on our position and views.
Sex Positivity regards all forms of consensual and safe sexual activities between adults as fundamentally normal and healthy. Based on this philosophy, we would like to create a space for discussions on different facets of sexual pleasure – be it pornography, masturbation or polygamy, homo- and bisexuality, fetishes or the dissolution of conventional gender roles. Only someone who can freely explore their sexuality and address desires, can experience „pleasure“ to its fullest. We would like to talk about tabooization as well as ideas and examples of people who want to change the status quo.
For our three-days-event, we are looking for artists (m/f) who are interested in the topic of „It’s My Pleasure!“, and whose works open up to a constructive dialogue on a new, positive understanding of sexuality.
All forms and mediums of artistic expression can be submitted. We are also looking forward to your ideas for workshops and theme talks which will be held during this event.
Please send your application, including
– a concept draft (ca. 250 words)
– CV/ artistic history, portfolio (via PDF or Dropbox/WeTransfer)
– also appreciated: link to personal website
Deadline: February 10, 2018
The event will be organized by the young art club artburst berlin e.V. To learn more about our past events and exhibitions, please note the following links. It’s My Pleasure! will take place at Project Space OKK Organ Kritischer Kunst in Berlin Wedding.
If you have any questions or need more information, please feel free to contact us.
We are looking forward to your applications!
artburst berlin
artburst berlin e.V.