Who Needs Photoshop When You Have These Skills Behind The Camera?

Brooklyn-based photographer Kanghee Kim has cleverly manipulated everyday moments from the ordinary into an alternate reality in the magical. Kim creates images using subtle reflections in coils of cable or in the streak of rear windshields. Her unique artistic approach derives from her desire to sparkle the spectacular from reality, without using post-production edits as an additional artistic medium to her work.
“I started to think of [my photography] as a painting and allow the post-production process to at as a kind of mark-making,” said Kim to i-D. “Photoshop is widely used in commercial photography to refine the details and make the images look flawless.”
Kim wanted to do the opposite to Photoshop and retain the flaws in her images and not cut them out. These small imperfections highlight the human quality of each moment rather than glossing over a fake version of it. Kanghee Kim’s portfolio of these lightly edited images can be found on her website and her Instagram profile. (via This Isn’t Happiness)