Mysterious black and white photography

Sarah Seené photographs hold the sense of something you might find in your grandparent’s old dusty albums. They hold an old-world sensibility and charm. She works with analogue exclusively and develops it by hand. The effect is eerily breathtaking.  
Seené recent work, The Sound of Hooves is a collection of black and white photos taken on a donkey farm in Ste-Anne de La Rochelle, in the Estrie region of Quebec. It shows the reflective end of summer with her main subject being the donkey. Seené captures these animals nobly and dispels the myths that often surround them.
The medium of film and the subjects she shoots invites a certain feeling of stillness. Film photography has an inherent poignancy, which digital photography often lacks. This, with her composition and closeness, makes her work feel purposeful. It showcases a forgotten beauty and invites you to meditate on it.
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