Magma comes to question the status quo of the art world by exhibiting cool, affordable art by international emerging artists. Azucar will present works by artists it has already been working and guests artists invited by our curators!
Aiming to present a more dynamic and exciting environment to consume art, MAGMA will take place over the weekend of the 9th and 10th of December at the UNICORN.BERLIN, presenting the works of 19 artists and 6 curators.
The main barrier we want to overcome is the misunderstood notion of selling art in a posh and exclusive way.
Therefore, we present art in a co-working space with a DJ and no posh atmosphere where we aim to bring art people together.
MAGMA is the first organized effort by the team of Azucar Magazine and Art Gallery to collaborate with rising talents and guest curators outside its comfort zone and offer a platform for networking.
We particularly welcome young collectors who want to know more about how to collect art and artists who want to learn more about how to boost their careers.
You are all welcome!
Artists // (List to be updated)
Anne ‘Blondie’ Bengard
Irene Cruz
Teko Van Kuyk
Hola Mono
Mora Kirchner
Felix Rodewaldt
Polly Pollet
Sascha Boldt
Eli Marc Mueller
Constantina Crickzoni
Micha Koch
Eva Moll
Jan Durina
David Hinojosa
Christina Fitou
Stephan van Kuyk – Art Consultant & Dealer
Vanessa Souli
Eva Moll
IMRSV Events
Peter Wasmachteigentlich
Side Programme:
Friday the 8th: SIIN س //
Saturday the 9th: rO. //
Sunday the 10th:
Dante & Vera Zang
MANONO – As a funk band, based in Berlin, that produces original music driven by funky groove, rock energy, and pop melodies.
Check the event of the opening here: