Los Santos

LosSantos Collages are two emergent Spanish artists (Guillermo, grandson,17 and grandmother, Cristina Santos Morón), working and living in Marbella, (Málaga/Spain).

We use in our handmade artworks all kinds of materials, vintage and new photographies , paper, scissors, cutters, ink, rubber, cotton, oil and acrylic paintings, etc. in the way to create a visual impact, a coming back to the past, always in black and white. Suddenly, something happens and the present slips through that space, taking the form of coloured figures, thoughts dreams and emotions. That is the case of series as “SPAIN IS DIFFERENT” or “ANIMALS”.

Other series as “PICASSO WELCOME HOME” are inspired in famous Spanish artist Pablo Picasso’s place of birth, the city of Málaga, in Spain. We play with the colour, the nostalgia, the poetry, the space, the time, the emotions… Each of these emotions can be illustrated by the idea of somebody missing something.

We want to improvise and finish recalling a childhood dream and in one’s heart of hearts. We seek to create something with an ideal vision and then enjoy the unpredictability of history.