Kit Out Your Kite On The Go

There is nothing quite like gazing up into the sky and seeing your kite fly high above for the world to see. That sense of pride and power you felt as a child lives long in the memory, but why should it be a thing of the past? Why not check out the latest trend from Detroit-based TAIT Design Co., who are bringing the good old days back with their own DIY kite kits. Made from paper and bamboo, your childhood dreams high in the sky can be recreated in minutes. After recently renovating the yo-yo, the company is fast becoming a nostalgic hotspot.
With a choice of three separate colours with different geometric patterns in peach, mint, and black and white, the kites vividly represent the traditional Japanese kites of many centuries ago. Packed in a sustainable cardboard briefcase, the kit can be easily carried, assembled and stored away with visible instructions, mess-free peel and stick glue strips.
These revolutionary kites can be pre-ordered via TAIT Design Co. after their Kickstarter campaign gained sufficient funding.