Is your art career in quarantine? Art in times of Corona

Art in times of corona
Is your art career in quarantine?

We all know corona situation, and I’m not here to talk about THAT, I’m not a scientist, and you should only get your information on that from scientific sources. I’m an artist that’s been recommended to spend the next couple of weeks at home, the issue is, how will this affect my art career?
As health authorities (scientists) recommend us to start practicing social distancing, as an effort to ‘flatten the curve’, an important concept that I’ll link below. I’m left wondering how will I be able to sustain, let alone grow, my art career from the comfort of my living room table.
Most of us rely on real-world events to grow our art career, we think to go to openings as a great place to meet collectors, showing in galleries as an opportunity to sell art and hosting studio visits as a chance to introduce our art to new people.
But now those things are completely off the table and I need to figure out the way of taking my art career online. Even if I’ve been doing a lot of my art dealing online. I need to double down now and take my art practice 100% online.
It’s time to test and implement new strategies FAST, a lot of art careers rely on that. These are scary times, but scarry times allow great growth opportunities.
With these times of lockdown, I’m gonna develop tiny and applicable daily tasks that we, artists, can complete in order to take our career online.
On a daily basis, we are cover new topics such as photographing your art, writing an art statement, setting a routine and networking with other artists even remotely.
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