Imagine Your Dishware Come To Life With These Sinister Sculptures

Israeli artist Ronit Baranga has created ceramic sculptural art that will leave you amazed but disturbed. Existing on the “border between living and still life” as she terms it, Baranga’s dishware objects mix the still with the real life as human fingers wrinkle from beneath and gaping mouths are immersed into the models. The typical spine tingling and gut wrenching edginess we feel makes Baranga’s work all the more ominous.
If you check out her Instagram page, you can find more sinister and stupendous works that will give you the creeps. Baranga also had work most recently exhibited at the Gross Anatomies show at the Akron Art Museum. She is also a contributor to the Small Works 2017 with beinArt Gallery, which takes place this August. (via My Amp Goes to 11)