Hyper-realistic Paintings Of A Post-Human World

American artist Josh Keyes paints apocalyptic scenes of animals living in worlds of ruins. The hyperrealism Keyes creates is focused around polar bears, horses and sharks on sites suggesting mass destruction and the extinction of human life. All that is left are symbols of times before, most notably ships, buildings and incorporated graffiti across satellites, icebergs and even a shark.
Keyes implies how modern day issues such as climate change and pollution are endangering the planet. Polar bears are a species that will lose their home if ice shelves continue to melt. His painting of the brown bear hanging over the edge of building suggests how careless human actions lead animals to danger. Humans are going too far by experimenting with the laws of nature, and will be the first to suffer to any world catastrophe.  
Keyes’ solo exhibition Implosion is on display from August 5th to August 26th at Thinkspace Gallery in Los Angeles. You can visit his Instagram page or website for more of his artworks.