how to get published in blogs and magazines (Part I)

When taking action towards growing your art career, it’s very important that you expand the visibility your artworks achieve, the more people see your work the bigger the chances that a collector, curator or gallery owner gets in contact with your art, leading to exciting professional opportunities such as sales or exhibitions which are, arguably, the foundations of a professionally fulfilling art career.

So, the math is easy, right? The more people get in contact with your art, the more of a successful artist you are. Well, oversimplifying, yes. Meaning, that one of your main objectives as an artist should be getting your work in front of as many people as possible.

This is easy in the first steps of your career when you begin making art, it’s a novelty and all your friends and family are excited by the new activity you’ve taken on, but that excitement runs out pretty fast, and you must start searching for new audiences. If you have a custom of making a 100 new friends a week, it’s easy, but that’s not really realistic or sustainable.

It’s important to insert yourself into existing audiences, that’s where online art magazines and blogs come in. They already have a network of followers, looking forward to any new artist the magazine discovers, exciting new artist such as you.

Getting featured in these magazines will allow you to tap into their audience, some of these with a couple of hundreds of readers while other publications have their numbers on the millions. Those are all potential new fans of your work if they like what they see they will follow you in order to get updates on new works, slowly shifting them into your own audience.

On the other side of the coin, running a magazine is tough work, I should know; since I myself run one, so most of these magazines are eager to get new content offered towards them. It makes their life a little bit easier, rather than having to go to the internet and actively searching for novelty content, you have fresh content delivered to your inbox, ready to be published.

If you deliver quality content in the correct format to the right magazines, the chances of getting published are realistically high. It’s THAT simple, the basic equation: Quality content, delivered correctly to the right magazine equals audience growth.

This guide will be divided into those 3 aspects:


Preparing a media kit for the magazines to publish.


The correct way to prepare your media kit in order to optimize delivery.


Analyzing the right magazines for your work and how to approach them.

Stay tuned to part 2 where we will go step by step on our strategy to get published in more magazines