Falling Into a Wes Anderson Movie

An interesting subreddit forum has gone viral in the world of art after people from across the globe started sharing real life photos looking like they were straight from a Wes Anderson movie. The well acclaimed American director is known for his unique visual styles on screen. Follow the link to Reddit and see more of the Accidental Wes Anderson trend now!

Ostel Hotel, East Berlin

Hotel in Pedra, Jordan

An apartment block in Helsinki, Sweden

Singapore Train Station

Locker Room, North Korea

Riverside Hotel in Las Olas, Florida

Unknown Emerald Dream

Hotel Belvédère near the Rhone Glacier, Switzerland

Alicante, Spain

Sketch, London

Conference Room, North Korea

Old Athens Airport, 1961

Home Office of an MCM House in Portland, Oregon

Reykjavík Harbour, Iceland