Eltío Ese

“Bring the multimedia near the plastic arts in a poetic where photography, video and painting coexist.”
Jesús Carrillo (Eltío Esse) is a spanish painter who uses Digital Art as means of artistic expression.
He studied high school in Granada (Spain), at the Padre Suárez Institute where began his interest in Art History, Art Theory and Aesthetics.
In 1990 he approved the access to the Faculty of Fine Arts of Granada and enrolled in the specialty of painting.
His graphic production, digital paintings are unique works (no copies) printed on metal, brushed aluminium. The pieces of  Video Art and GIF are designed to be projected in performances.
Eltío, has quite clear influence of “Homoeroticism”, but he is also interested in Africa, likes the Impressionist landscape and  he has preference for Italian and Flemish painting from sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, besides Expressionist Art.