Henry Hu

Hong Kong bred, Sydney based. Henry’s artworks are personal, intentional, with a focus on storytelling. He strives to assemble a full body of work, forming a collection piece by piece. Each individual art collection is usually consist of multiple pieces, grouped by specific concepts or stories. By experimenting with digital tools, visually Henry commits to …

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Wednesday Kim

Wednesday Kim was born in Korea, immigrated to America in her early teens. She is a multimedia artist whose work is in the medium of video, performance, installation, and sculpture.She studied and worked in NYC for several years. Currently, she is producing art in her garage located in North Dakota. Most of her work is like …

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Marilyn Tota

The idea behind this project was to create everyday a new poster. The poster would express the “mood”/thoughts of the day and the colors would express the state of mind. The author was challenging herself to make a poster (in under 1 hour) everyday for a year.   BehanceInstagramFacebook

Mark Bern

For the past 20 years, Mark Bern has been investigating the methodology of digital image processing. In his early day as a teenager, Bern explored the possibilities of image manipulation on his first computer – a Commodore 64.       Mark Bern’s artworks use several digital processes to create abstract forms resembling pixelated photos and …

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The engine of her work is fuelled by her own processes of life, which pierce her through singular and collective experiences that she captures in her pictures, as sround with different identities of transgressive femininity and those concepts around her sexuality that conform her trajectory. Through the public exposure of her intimacy, and of the …

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