Artist residencies – March

Córtex Frontal

Arraiolos, Portugal

Located in the peaceful town of Arraiolos and just 120 Km far from Lisbon, Córtex Frontal is a self-directed residency where artists can develop their projects, show their work in an Open Studio Event and share their knowledge with lectures or workshops with the local community. The residency hosts professional artists from any discipline, including music, ceramics, educational programs or landscape design, researches, workgroups and students. The residency time have a structure of three periods. In the first one, resident get to know the space and get an idea of a project and then, produce his or her project. Finally, the project is shown.

Duration: 3 weeks to 3 months
Application fee: From April to November: 84€/week, 360€/month. From November to April (heating period): 105€/week, 450€/month. By invitation, fee is not required.
Perks: It counts on a printing studio, recording studio and dance studio. A committe of local artists that can assist you in all residency periods.

Residencies for Dancers / Choreographers / Physical Performers.
New Zealand Pacific Studio

Wairarapa, New Zealand

It is not easy to find residencies that hosts dancers or have a workspace to develop physical projects. NZ Pacific Studio has seven living and work spaces including a library about 2,000 titles, a sauna and a small vegetable garden. However, what makes this residency unique is his location in the hills of Wairarapa in the historic Normandell House. Although being in a wildlife area, they promote engaging residents with the local community by collaborative projects like concerts, visiting schools or exhibitions at the regional museums.  

: Ongoing
Duration: 1 week to 3 months
Application fee: NZ$ 350/week
Perks: When funding permits, they offer supported residencies. A workspace for dance, choreography and physical projects of 4×4,5 meter space. There may be an Open Studio Day to greet with the public one afternoon.

Self-Directed Residencies for Artists and Writers, Caetani Centre

Vernon, Canada

The Caetani Cultural Centre is located in a designated heritage house with Late Victorian Vernacular Revival Style near to downtown Vernon. It counts on eight studios, a shared workspace and peaceful gardens, an ideal location where to create and share your work. In fact, the residency hosts many events like concerts, heritage tours, workshops as well as talks or exhibitions where to approach artists to local and global community. As a self-directed residency, it is not themed or sponsored and so the program is open to emerging or established creators to develop their projects of all sorts.

: Ongoing
Duration: 2 weeks to 6 months
Application fee: $450/month or $600/month depending on the room.
Perks: Based on the length of the residency, and if requested, the Caetani Cultural Centre will assist in facilitating workshops, receptions, and public programming based on the participating artist’s work.

Online Residency

This residency program provides an online space where to develop any kind of project related to the digital and it’s opened to artists, curators or collectives from any discipline. What makes a special chance is the opportunity to participate in a residence program without the need to move but having all what a residency can provide: technical assistance, curatorial advice, meet other creators and show your work.

: 5 Apr 2018
Duration: 1 to 3 months
Application fee: None
Perks: Provides an online space and technical assistance and curatorial advice to develop works, ideas, and practices. After the residency, the work is not archived or accessible to the public anymore.

Seaside Residency, International Institute of Contemporary Art and Theory

Mangalia, Romania

Seaside Residency is run by International Institute of Contemporary Art and Theory, an Organization that hosts a gallery, supports a publication on the arts and has this residency program. The Organization wants to promote international dialogue and exchange on critical thinking and theory. For this reason, this residency program fits in with artists and researchers focused on theory and critical dialogue and especially who are emergent or mid-career artists or academics.

: Ongoing
Duration: Residencies can be scheduled in 2-week increments year round but accommodations can be made if a shorter or longer stay better suits your needs.
Application fee: This AIR program is free. Artist pays travel and an application fee of $15.
Perks: They pride ourselves on being discipline-independent, meaning your chosen discipline is irrelevant to the selection process as they select candidates on quality of work and fit with other candidates.