Artangel Everywhere

Artangel Everywhere


Artangel Everywhere is an open call for new ideas.
Over the past two decades, through a number of open calls, Artangel has invited UK-based artists to share ambitious ideas to transform the cultural landscape. The resulting commissions have been ground-breaking works in performance, film, installation, and radio, each situated in an unexpected place in the UK: beneath a mountain in Scotland; on a much-quarried island off the Dorset coast; at the site of a confrontation in Yorkshire between striking miners and mounted police.
In 2017, we are shifting the focus from physical location to networked space to commission and produce a major project that can be experienced anywhere in the world.


Submit an Idea

  • Open for submissions: 1 March 2017
  • Deadline: 30 April 2017
  • Interview date for shortlisted proposals: 6 June 2017

Before submitting your idea, please read the Selection Criteria and the Terms and Conditions. These will help make your application less likely to be disqualified.
Once you are ready, fill in the form below, also available here. If you have any problems completing or submitting the form, please contact Artangel on the number or email in the footer of this website.
The form is in three parts: the first part, visible below, is the creative part of the submission on which your idea will be judged; the second part is for contact details only; the third —optional — part asks for a small amount of additional personal information.

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