Ariane Côté

Ariane Côté is a 28 years old Montreal artist. She completed an art history degree at Université de Montreal and now lives entirely from her art by focusing on various media, including painting, drawing and photography. For the past five years, she has been studying with one instructor in a workshop environment, and completed an …

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Alexandre Faraci

After studying in Paris, Alexandre became Oliver Eglin’s assistant and supported him in many projects before finally going independent.In 2013 he had his work exhibited at Angel Orensanz Foundation for the Arts, NYC, during the “Story of the Creative” event.While highly influenced by Martin Parr’s works he began to grow more and more interested in social …

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The engine of her work is fuelled by her own processes of life, which pierce her through singular and collective experiences that she captures in her pictures, as sround with different identities of transgressive femininity and those concepts around her sexuality that conform her trajectory. Through the public exposure of her intimacy, and of the …

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