Slavka Kratka

Slavka Kratka (born 1961) is a professional painter. She lives and works in the Czech Republic. She studied architecture. Thanks to architecture she was close to drawing and then naturally gravitated to painting which she has been doing for many years. She creates modern compositions that are close to cubism and abstract painting. She very …

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Mariano Rodríguez Cevallos

Mariano (a.k.a. MARC) is a visual artist and muralist that lives and works in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He usually works with oils. His trademark, being on canvas or street walls, is his obsession to capture movement. To do this, he uses his self-proclaimed sequences. In these sequences, there are various frames creating the illusion of …

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Dominic Joyce

Dominic Joyce is an artist and designer based in Hampshire UK. He creates modern paintings and prints in the style of abstract, geometric and Op Art. WebsiteInstagramFacebookTwitter  


Art should make people conscious of unconscious things that may remain unconscious even consciously. The objective of my art is some sort of status report. It is the current representation of states experienced as a necessity. Everything that happens to me and makes me perceive.The irrational reality my artwork present I wish to raise unconscious …